PhillyEcoCamp Hackathon Leads to City Improvement

The City of Philadelphia provided 15 eco-focused datasets to the PhillyEcoCamp hackathon held June 20-22 in an effort to bring technology-driven resolutions to some of the city’s environmental challenges.

The data ranged from code violation notices to tree removals since 2002 and Energy Benchmarking Compliance data. Hackers took that data and built projects to make Philadelphia a more environmentally friendly city.

Successful projects included: Stormfighter, an expansion on Grounded in Philly by the Philly Urban Agriculture project, MyPark, MilkCrate, and a map of litter areas in the city. All data sets and complete descriptions of the projects have been released by the city.

Azavea, a mapping firm specializing in location-based web and mobile application development, organized the hackathon. EcoCamp promotes “sustainability and the environment through technology”.

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PhillyEcoCamp hackathon: 15 datasets released, 5 projects built