Photo Hack Day Comes to the West Coast

What do you think will happen if you bring the best minds in photography, photo-editing, web design and computer science together? Chances are that it could give rise to the next set of imaging applications that could much further than what Instagram has achieved. If it sounds interesting, you do not want to miss the Photo Hack Day 3 being organized by Aviary, the photo-editing API Platform for web and mobile.

The Photo Hack Day 3 is being held on July 14 and July 15 in San Francisco at the Dropbox Headquarters. The event is sponsored by Facebook and event partners include Dropbox, Sincrely, Walgreens and Tumblr. Total Prize money for the event is $10,000. If you are a designer or a hacker, you should plan on attending both the days. If you are interested in just going for the Demo session on Sunday, there are tickets for that too.

The previous two editions of the event were both held in New York with more than 200+ developers attending each of the events and 25+ APIs were available for hacking at each of the events. The 3rd edition in San Francisco is likely to break those numbers with the organizers planning to distribute tickets in two rounds. So sign up early at the Event page. In case you wish to have your API available during the event for developers to hack on, write to

Aviary has been in the news recently for releasing its official iPhone and Android application. They followed the API First and Apps later strategy. If you plan to go along to the Aviary HackDay, it might make sense to download the app and see what is possible and identify the gaps that you can fill out via some cool hacks at the Hack Day?

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