Photo Sharing Heats Up, PicPlz Offers Photo Filter API

The process of taking your photos and sharing them online with your friends has never been easier. There are several services available to do that today like TwitPic, YFrog and others. The success of Instagram even led to an unofficial API, which was subsequently shut down to be eventually replaced with its official API. The photo sharing services space seems ripe for the emergence of APIs, which in turn might trigger the next round of innovation from developers.

PicPlz, a photo sharing service that allows you to click and share your photos online is inviting developers to join its Beta program. PicPlz allows you to add a caption, tag your location and check in through its iPhone and Android applications. It also integrates well with the social networks like Twitter, Facebook and more.

PicPlz has some interesting features that it plans to bring to its API. Business Insider writes that PicPlz plans both a “read” and a “read/write” API, that will allow viewing photos and to post photos from outside of PicPlz official mobile applications. A novel feature includes access to the PicPlz photo filters that will allow developers to apply one or more filters to their photos posted. The filters include effects like "Instant Film," "Russian Toy Camera," "the 70s" and "High Contrast Monochrome." This feature could span a complete range of photo applications that will utilize the ability of the PicPlz service to post process the photos before committing to the site.

The Beta invitation to developers is a good move, potentially jumping ahead of the Instagram API. In addition to the iPhone and Android applications, developers would most likely help PicPlz take its Platform to other smart phones, as well as innovative web apps. If you are interested in joining the Beta Process, sign up today.

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