Pico Bags the Battle Axe in Wufoo API Contest

The battle is over and the victors have been chosen. Wufoo, an Internet application that helps anybody build online forms that make it easy to collect data, has just announced the results of its unusual API Contest.

Wufoo invited developers to use its RESTful API to build applications that would augment its features. The first prize included $3,000 cash and, believe it or not, an honest-to-goodness hand-crafted battle axe. The contest saw good participation with around 25 entries, ranging from mobile applications, wrapper libraries, plugins to utilities that make accessing the data collected in the forms easier.

The first prize winner was Pico, an iPhone application written by Rick Blalock, that allows you to interact with your Wufoo account. You can browse all your forms and view/manage the data submissions. It is available in the Apple iStore at $2.99.

Second place went to CSV2Wufoo, which provides a service to move data easily between your spreadsheets and your Wufoo account. And the third prize winner was Wuphooey, a WordPress plugin that allows for seamless integration of Wufoo forms into your content management system.

API Contests are a permanent thing now If you are feeling a little low on missing out on the battle axe, do not worry. Our Contests page gives you a list of all contests, where you can submit applications and win some great prizes.


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