Picplum Enables Photo Print Sharing Through Any App with API

Picplum launched its photo print sharing service just over one year ago. Now, Picplum wants to broaden its reach by providing the Picplum API to developers across the app world. Over the past year, Picplum has been questioned again and again:

"developers have asked when they would be able to offer Picplum printing directly in their own apps?" The Picplum API aims to fulfill the developer community's desire. The Picplum API eases photo print Integration with web and mobile apps, "your users can upload photos from your app to Picplum and buy photo prints for themselves or for friends and family."

Although the API is simple to integrate, the end User Experience when ordering photo prints is easy as well. If the application lacks user information (e.g. address, email address, etc.), the API requests the needed information. Next, Picplum will handle the printing and shipping, as well as sending shipment notifications and emailing prints. Most of Picplums traditional services are available when ordering through the API: "postcards, greeting cards, panoromic prints, large format prints, calendars and more."

The Picplum API utilizes a REST protocol, with a JSON data format. The API uses OAuth 2.0 flow and requests are done through POST or GET over HTTPS. Developers must register their application for credentials. Developers can authorize users through their own application or add mail/email recipients.

A year ago, Picplum's mission was simple: to be the simplest way to share print photos. Although Picplum has expanded beyond users dragging and dropping pictures directly from their computers to Picplum (e.g. printing and sending Instagram pics), the Picplum API truly launches a new era in Picplum's mission. Any application can provide a print photo service with the API available. Picplum has added features from its founding by listening to user feedback. Picplum aims to do the same with the API. Picplum encourages feedback by contacting the team here.

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