PIKA Technologies Launches HMP+X2 SDK

PIKA Technologies, a communications OEM, recently announced the HMP+X2 SDK. HMP+X2 is a network API for PIKA's Host Media Processing (HMP) SDK. Once integrated with HMP+X2, third party developers can enhance their telephony applications and systems with PIKA functionality.

HMP+X2 supports both legacy telephony systems and cutting edge web and cloud-based systems. Whether organizations are fully in the cloud, transitioning to the cloud, or yet to start the journey; HMP+X2 offers next-generation communication features. Capabilities include caller insights, speech services, VoIP and much more.

At its core, HMP+X2 allows users to build IVR, call center, and PBX applications using API connected software. This removes the need for custom hardware or software to take advantage of modern telephony features. PIKA has published a video further explaining the use cases and benefits of HMP+X2.

The new offering allows developers across the board to integrate communications AI directly into their tech stacks. This comes with useful features, but also enables administrators to improve the overall performance of communication systems. Scalability, simple Integration, and privacy are all hallmarks of PIKA's Platform.

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