Ping Identity Adds MFA, Social Login, and SSO to PingOne for Customers

Ping Identity has announced major enhancements to its identity as a Service offering: PingOne for Customers. First, the company has added a secure push notification option for mobile, passwordless multi-factor Authentication sign in. Second, one-click login is now available for users with Facebook accounts. Finally, enterprises can now leverage a single sign-on Portal for all applications across their ecosystem through new PingOne functionality.

The push notifications feature is powered through a Ping Identity SDK. Push notification, multi-factor authentication is both more secure and quicker than emailing or texting one-time passwords. Instead of merely adding strong passwords, push notification MFA does away with passwords and increases security at the same time.

Facebook login is the newest social login method available with PingOne for customers. Once integrated, users can log in through Facebook with one click. Integration is accomplished through an embedded social login button or dropdown link. Social login is just another way that PingOne allows app owners to control the User Experience.

Finally, PingOne now supports single sign-on across an Enterprise app ecosystem. To implement SSO, PingOne for Customers accepts inbound SAML assertions and just-in-time provisioning. The sign on process is routed and federated across the entire app ecosystem, preventing enterprise users from singing in and out of individual apps over and over again. To learn more about all of these updates, visit the Ping Identity site.

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