Ping Identity Announces Public Preview of PingOne for Customers

Ping Identity, intelligent identity solution provider, has announced a public preview of it PingOne for Customers. The solution is an API-based identity service offering designed for customer-facing applications. It replaces the need for developers to maintain unique and cumbersome identity services that end up out of date, Resource intensive, or both. The goal is for developers to offload registration, login, profile management, Authentication and the growing number of identity services to Ping Identity.

"The developer community wants to build applications and just leverage a service for securing login and registration, versus creating the capabilities themselves in their app," Steve Shoaff, Ping Identity Chief Product Officer, commented in a press release. "PingOne for Customers saves time and valuable resources by greatly simplifying how developers integrate identity and access management services into their application development process."

PingOne for Customers includes REST API access to authentication servicesuser management (e.g. user data management, account states, passwords, password policies, etc.), and multi-factor authentication. Additionally, the solution includes single sign-on, user self-service, and tenant-in-tenant architecture as additional features to the Platform. To learn more, start a free trial here.

The authentication APIs includes a number of entities. Authorize allows authorization grants. Resume allows continued processing of authorization grants. Userinfo returns claims about authenticated user resources. Tokens, jwks, .well-known, and signoff all help developers grant tokenized access as needed.

The management APIs provides an interface for developers to configure and manage a PingOne organization. Resources available include organizations (defines tenant accounts and related entities), environments (defines separate working domains within an organization), and roles/entitlements/permissions (defined at the root of the platform).

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