Pinpointers API Adds Fleet Management to Existing Apps and Workflows

Pinpointers, market leader in telematics and mobile workforce solutions, offers its entire suite of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions via a series of APIs. Users simply keep an electronic box in each vehicle to be monitored and GPS sends desired information back to Pinpointers data centers. From driver behavior and fuel economy, to location and route selection, Pinpointers gives companies superior insight into their entire fleet.

Pinpointers has a significant history in fleet management and has garnered significant customers and technology partners to develop its ever improving portfolio. Proctor and Gamble and Orange represent a couple of the blue chip customers Pinpointers serves on a daily basis. Tom Corps, Proctor and Gamble Operations Director, commented:

"Having operated with this system for 3 years,  we have brought about a stepchange in our service levels. We are convinced of the merits of Pinpointers trailer tracking system and are convinced the functionality available will be an essential ingredient for success in the future."

The Pinpointers APIs use SOAP protocol and return calls in an XML data format. A full list of methods and features can be found at the Web Services site. A few commonly used features include SMS when running late, route selection and tracking, fuel economy, and driver update.

A fleet and the goods delivered via the fleet represent some of the most valuable assets a company owns. Accordingly, cutting edge technology to track and manage such fleets are a no-brainer in today's modern economy. The Pinpointers APIs allow companies to better manage vehicles by incorporating all of Pinpointers features in existing workflows and applications.

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