Pint Labs Brews Up New Version of BreweryDB and API

Beer and Application Developers have a bond that goes back a long time. Last year we covered the BreweryDB Project, a community effort to build an open database of beers and breweries. Pint Labs, the team behind BreweryDB have been brewing for more than a year now and the result is a complete revamp of infrastructure, a brand new BreweryDB website and a version 2 of the BreweryDB API.

The BreweryDB website now covers not just beers and breweries but beer events and guilds. The site is community driven and any beer enthusiast can update the information that is carefully verified by a set of Administrators. The website contains a ton of improvements and a key theme to the new version is the integrated search mechanism, that can search for the keyword and provide results from multiple data sources like breweries, beers, etc.

The team has also released version 2 of the BreweryDB API with a lot more functionality. The new version is available at Developers that are using V1 of the API can still continue to use that since the old Endpoint is still functional. But they need to get a new API Key to use the new version. You can apply for the key here. Version 1 of the API gave access primarily to beers and breweries. Version 2 has a lot more to offer developers. It provides access to Events, Guilds, Ingredients, Fluidsize and much more.

Key thing to note is that most of the API methods are read/write so almost everything that you could do via the website is enabled via the API. Refer to the documentation site for more details. In keeping with the trend of providing an API Playground for developers to try out the API without hitting the live servers, BreweryDB also provides a API Playground for you to test out the methods.

The API Documentation can do with some improvements around sample API Request/response data. It would be nice to see more sample Apps too listed. Considering how comprehensive the API is, it will come as no surprise to us to see the listed apps grow as developers mash up a great source of one of their favourite drinks.

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