Pinterest API: Coming Soon or Already Here?

Move over, Instagram API, there's a new hotness. In a similar way that developers sought out Instagram, photo tagging site Pinterest has its share of API sniffers and unofficial wrappers. That and the official Pinterest API is said to be coming soon.

Or, is it already here? Since there's a mobile app, there's an API.

Update: a commenter points us to Pinterest API Documentation, so we now have a Pinterest API profile.

"There is a Pinterest API that serves our iPhone app, but we are working on making the API more reliable and consistent," Pinterest's Yashwanth Nelapati wrote in May. The same post expected an API in "2-3 weeks," but the transition from internal to public API is often more involved than expected. External developers need and deserve much more help than those within Pinterest.

Business Insider writes the API is coming soon to the delight of not just developers, but venture capitalists:

Why are they excited about Pinterest? Because it has developed into a site where people are aggregating products they like. And it's driving real traffic to retail sites. However, Pinterest hasn't been able capitalize on that interest.

When the API is available, Adam Ludwin at RRE, says he's interested in entrepreneurs who can build on top of the Platform, who can "close the loop" and figure out a way to monetize the interest around products on Pinterest. He's interested in startups that will provide tools to facilitate transactions on and through Pinterest.

For those who can't wait, there's a PHP wrapper to the existing Pinterest API. There's a downside to using these unofficial APIs, as developers discovered when Instagram halted early apps.

Pinterest is clearly "private for now" in the parlance of the API iceberg.

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