Pinterest Intros Marketing Developer Partners Program & APIs

Pinterest has announced the launch of Marketing Developer Partners (MDP), a program that allows a select group of partners to build tools and services that businesses can use to get the most out of their Pinterest marketing campaigns. The program currently provides two APIs: an Ads API (beta) and a Content Publishing API. The Pinterest Ads API allows “promoted pins” to be used at scale. The Content Publishing API allows pins and boards to be created, scheduled and published on Pinterest.


Rich pins allow metadata to be added so that extra information is displayed on the pins themselves. For example, place pins, like the one shown in the screenshot above, include a map, address and phone number.

The Pinterest Marketing Developer Partners program is limited to a select group of 10 official partners; Ahalogy, Buffer, Curalate, Expion, NewsCred, Percolate, Shoutlet, Spredfast, Sprinklr and Tailwind. All of these companies provide marketing and content publishing platforms that are used by many well-known and popular brands.

These 10 partners are using the Pinterest Content Publishing API to provide businesses with tools to create, schedule and publish content on Pinterest as well as track the performance of pins. The Pinterest Ads API is in beta with a small group of developers and advertisers using it to optimize and use Pinterest-promoted pins at scale.

We reached out to Jyri Kidwell, Pinterest’s head of marketing developer partnerships, who provided some additional information about the Marketing Developer Partners program and the Content Publishing API.

Kidwell told ProgrammableWeb that the Content Publishing API can be used to publish all pins on Pinterest, including “rich pins.” Rich pins display extra information that is generated from metadata found on Web pages. Six types of rich pins are available: app pins, place pins, article pins, product pins, recipe pins and movie pins.

The Content Publishing API is a very important part of the company’s growth strategy as it allows Pinterest to be integrated with partner platforms that can help increase and manage monetized content across Pinterest. Kidwell told ProgrammableWeb that “two-thirds of the content on Pinterest is from brands and businesses” and that the company wanted to integrate Pinterest with some of the most popular and widely used content publishing platforms to start out with. Kidwell said that Pinterest is now integrated “with the top five content publishing platforms” and that this program is “all about content.”

"By combining access to the Pinterest Content Publishing API with our publisher network, which sees over 40 million monthly visits from the Platform, we’re able to give marketers access to specific content and actionable insights that are resonating with their followers and pinners," Michael Wohlschlaeger, co-founder and CEO of Ahalogy, stated in a press release.

The Content Publishing API allows partner platforms to provide businesses with the means to optimize, manage and track their Pinterest marketing campaigns.

“With a rapidly growing global user base, Pinterest has become a critical component of the marketing strategy of every enterprise brand,” Ragy Thomas, CEO and founder of Sprinklr, stated in a press release. “Sprinklr’s Integration with Pinterest furthers the abilities of brands to gain a unified view of their content across all critical media platforms and touch points.”

Pinterest plans on expanding the MDP program in the future. However, the criteria for becoming an approved Pinterest partner will remain extremely high. For more information about the Pinterest Marketing Developer Partners program, visit the company's website.

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