Pinterest Says Not Yet To API Developers

Pinterest continues to remain one of the most looked up APIs in our diretory. Except that it is not yet released, which makes it all the more intriguing. The Pinterest service provides "virtual pinning" which enables users to collect ideas, recipes, inspiration or anything that can be found in a photo on a web page. Developers have been seeking out availability of Pinterest API since early 2012 but till date there has been no official API.

Last week, Jon Jenkins, Head of Engineering at Pinterest gave an overview on where the service is headed. Some of the key points mentioned were the rewrite of the entire site in Python, enhancing the value of its "Interest Graph" and a new Feed editor. The report states that there was no comment made on the availability of their much anticipated API. The team is working with a close set of partners to determine what the API should be like and they want to get things right the first time. This is contrary to the typical way where APIs are released and they evolve rapidly based on developer feedback, the applications created and the entire ecosystem that comes up around them. And as the number of users and features get built on top of Pinterest, the definition of what should be the right API is going to be very difficult to define.

Earlier this year, there were reports of the Pinterest API appearing but the page was quickly taken down. Currently the Developer Documentation hosts information on adding the PinIt buttons to your website, iOS and Android applications.

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