PipelineDB Introduces a Realtime Analytics-as-a-Service API: Stride

A little over a year after PipelineDB launched its flagship streaming SQL database product, PipelineDB has announced a developer preview of its realtime analytics API: Stride. The company describes Stride as a realtime analytics-as-a-service API. Instead of collecting massive amounts of data into a database for later query and analytics, Stride allows users to collect, process, analyze, and push event data to and from apps in realtime via a simple API.

"[I]n our perpetual effort to build the future, it is with tremendous excitement that we're announcing the upcoming developer preview of our newest product: Stride," PipelineDB CEO, Derek Nelson, commented in a company blog post. "[Stride] leverages PipelineDB extensively as its core infrastructure, but as an API, we manage 100% of that infrastructure for you."

Nelson continued to describe how the idea for Stride was born directly out of the experience gained through building PipelineDB. Nelson lists three observations from building PipelineDB that led to Stride:

  1. Static silos with on-demand querying are not the future of analytics
  2. The vast majority of the action derived from analytics data will eventually be performed at enormous speeds by machines
  3. APIs are eliminating the need to operate infrastructure

Stride operates through networks of continuous processes. Accordingly, users can achieve analytic tasks such as high-throughput aggregations, sliding-window computations, joins, fire Webhooks, retroactive batch queries, and more. Because the entire product is available through an API, those in need of sophisticated analytics need not invest in the heavy infrastructure needed for high-end analytics. PipelineDB takes care of the infrastructure.

The API uses JSON data format, and queries are defined using Stride SQL (i.e. a simplified SQL dialect designed for ease of use and productivity). Those interested in learning more, should visit the Stride website, and the API docs. To access to the Stride developer preview, sign up here.  

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