Pixfizz Expands Integration Capabilities With API Launch

Pixfizz, a cloud-to-print solutions provider, has expanded its Integration capabilities with the launch of the Pixfizz API. The API enables third-party Web and mobile app developers to include Pixfizz functionality within their apps. Integration examples include external image Library integrations, customer reporting to ERP and CRM systems, custom cart integrations and snap out editors. The API comes as a natural extension of Pixfizz's while-label solutions that enable companies and brands to create and sell high-value photographic products.


To promote the API and demo its functionality, Pixfizz has launched a number of native integrations with Dropbox and Shopify. The Shopify integration allows users to extend a product offering to customized photo products beyond static e-commerce products. The custom integrations are supported by the Pixfizz team. Pixfizz announced the API this week at Photokina.

The Pixfizz API uses REST protocol and can return calls in either XML or JSON data formats. The API has flexibility to allow users to pull from the toolset custom to the particular app's needs. Developers have full access to stored projects, editors, order data and more. To learn more, visit the API docs.

Pixfizz operates as a Platform-as-a-service company, and its platform has spurred new forms of ROI and productivity for the graphic arts industry. Customers are stunned by the simplicity and the flexibility Pixfizz brings to their business. The Pixfizz API expands such features as Pixfizz can now live natively within a third-party app or workflow.

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