PixLab APIs Provide Access to Media Analysis and Processing

PixLabTrack this API offers a set of APIs that hopes to meet most of your media analysis and processing needs. Whether it's media storage, machine vision, or image processing you need; there is not much on the media analysis/editing market today that PixLab doesn't offer through RESTful APIs. Because the APIs are unified and scalable, PixLab can offer as many service elements as the user needs and scale across various company sizes.

Within the three categories listed above, some common use case scenarios of the PixLab APIs are content filtering, face blurring and detection, Snapchat-esque filters, and meme creation. The APIs provide access to over 100 filters and processing commands (e.g. mogrify, merge, crop, resize, blur, etc.), drawing & GIF creation, image Encryption & compression, and much more. Once you have utilized these tools, content can be sent via a globally distributed CDN over SSL.

The set of APIs are simple to use, and allow developers to individually utilize the tools needed. The machine vision and processing APIs currently available include Face & Object Recognition API, Draw & Meme API, Content Moderation & Extraction API, GIF Manipulation API, Pixel Generation API, Encryption & Compression API, Storage API, and the Filter & Transformation API. To dive into any of these APIs, check out the API Reference.

PixLab has code samples on its homepage to help get you started. A complete list of samples available in a condensed list can be found here. After a 14-day free trial, a tiered pricing model is available. Learn more through the Quick Start Guide or sign up for access.   

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