Pixorial Adds to its Story With its API

Pixorial, a video storytelling Platform, has been slowly evolving over the last 5 years into a feature-rich and deeply integrated video sharing and editing tool. Pixorial offers smart phone applications, a nifty uploading utility, and seamless use within Google Drive. Now, with the release of the Pixorial API, Integration can be taken into the developers hands.

Pixorial continues to update its feature set and recently announced upcoming feature additions:

  • 16.9 widescreen-quality viewing on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Support for a wider range of video formats (even the insanely obscure ones, like LAVFI and wc3movie)
  • Improved playability and viewing quality on Apple TV and Google TV
  • Faster processing of uploaded and edited videos
  • Non–destructive editing, which leaves you with an unaltered original copy your edited videos.
  • Greater video quality while you’re using Producer, our advanced editor.
  • Higher-quality playback of videos that you’ve shared with others.

The RESTful Pixorial API would already be a great option for developers that need to embed video and who knows what the company will come up with next.

The Pixorial API is one of 224 video APIs that are listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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