Plan Your Cab Rides With TaxiFareFinder API

When it comes to taxis, most of us assume the fare is going to be a little too much, and we'd probably think twice before jumping into any cab without first knowing how much the trip will cost and if the driver is ripping us off. TaxiFareFinder is a cab fare calculator that helps users to get an estimate on how much their taxi trip will cost from one destination to the next. It's a great way to plan your trips beforehand, knowing up front what kind of costs are to be expected. The TaxiFareFinder API allows third party applications to use this data to determine taxi fare between two geographic locations.


The service supports more than 200 international locations, with reliable estimates that are calculated according to local taxi rates and actual taxi prices. These calculations are based on an algorithm that takes things like distance, duration of trip, traffic patterns, driving speeds, urban density and possible wait times into consideration. The company claims that their taxi fare estimates are more accurate than other sites because of all these elements that are included in calculation process.

The TaxiFareFinder API is in beta phase at the moment, and the company suggests that the Documentation should be considered provisional and subject to change. Those interested in participating in the beta release can make contact via the TaxiFareFinder website.

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