Planet Introduces Developer Trial Program

Planet, an Earth-imaging API provider, has introduced a new Developer Trial Program. The program allows developers to use Planet’s suite of APIs before signing up and paying for production use. Trial users receive an actual API Key that allows real requests and receives real data.

“You’ll be able to develop toolchains to test Integration into your existing workflows, evaluate cloud data delivery options, and more,” Planet’s Sara Safavi commented in a company announcement. “Basically, you’ll be able to test everything the Planet Platform can do except task a satellite in space.”

The program provides access to four Planet APIs. The Data API searches Planet’s imagery catalog. The Tile Services API includes map services of Planet base maps. The Orders API allows developers to construct toolchains and place orders for imagery. The Analytics API provides access to feeds of analytics data.

The program is available for non-existing customers. During the trial, API use is limited to non-commercial purposes for evaluation only. Those interested should provide Planet with a description of the project, use case, or general goals in the program application. Visit the Program site to apply for access.

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