PlanetRe Books the Inuit Quickbooks API into Its System

PlanetRe, a cloud software vendor for real estate, has integrated Intuit's Quickbooks into its planetRE Money Platform using Intuit's API for the popular accounting software. Intuit's API is among 46 accounting-related APIs in our API directory. Intuit's RESTful API is part of its Partner Platform, whose documentation covers everything from pricing to the development lifecycle.

This Integration means a one-click solution for synchronizing transactions to planetRE Money's general ledger. As Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE stated in the press release, planetRE works well with real estated

"Quickbooks has a major market share with small to midsize real estate companies being a preferred accounting platform and this integration was the missing link. This integration will allow thousands of real estate companies for the first time to use a true cloud solution for sales accounting, compensation, general ledger, business intelligence reporting-all in the cloud with top notch app center security and data integrity standards."

PlanetRE has five main SaaS products, of which Money, that uses Intuit's API, is one. The other four are: Remote Hands (which allows outsourcing of file management), Mortgage and Escrow, Socialite (a social marketing system), and Compliance that handles workflow, documents and communication.

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