Platform-as-a-service Company Keeps Plugging

Advocates of Platform-as-a-Service offerings promote how easy it is to deploy and manage applications without having to be - or to hire - a system administrator. But as with most things, there are inevitable trade-offs. The less you have to manage the platform you deploy to, the more you're tied to the Stack the PaaS provides. Today AppFog adds a duo of supported services to their stack, bringing new database and email options to the company's developers.

Joining New Relic, MongoLab, MailGun, and are ClearDB and CloudMailin. Founder and CEO of AppFog, Lucas Carlson stated in the press release:

We are incredibly pleased with the interest around our add-on program, by the caliber of partners joining us and by the robustness of the resulting developer platforms we provide for our customers, ClearDB and CloudMailin are two more great companies that we feel continue to establish our offering as one of the best available on the market for diversity, simplicity and ease-of-use.

ClearDB offers Database as a Service for MySQL, providing fault tolerant replicated database hosting without all the hassle. It's the same MySQL database developers are familiar with, backed by intelligent routing, master replication, and the guarantee that your database will always be accessible. ClearDB's non-enterprise offerings are only available through their PaaS partners, which now include AppFog:

Our shared services enable users of these PaaS partners to easily create and connect to a ClearDB database without having to pay for enterprise class services when they may not yet be ready to take that step.

CloudMailin specializes in receiving incoming email messages, and delivering them to applications through a standard HTTP POST. The POSTed data contains standard email fields - to, from, parsed html, plain text - along with the raw message. Attachments can optionally be extracted and sent to an S3 account. Like so many other services, CloudMailin started because of an internal need:

We needed a way to receive email in a project that was running on a cloud based server. We had no root access and quickly found we would have to set up an email server just for the purpose of allowing incoming email. Seems crazy right? Well we thought so to.

AppFog is a multi-environment PaaS supporting PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js and Perl. Positive user support for the add-on partners has encouraged continued growth of the partner program. AppFog is also a supporter of the open source Cloud Foundry project.

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