Play2Shop API Grants Game Developers Access to Rewards Platform

Play2Shop aims to be the "Ebates with Entertainment and Engagement." Play2Shop rewards gamers with points and pays shoppers with cash back that can both be used for discounts at over 1,000 retail partners. Additionally, the Play2Shop API enables game developers to join the Play2Shop community regardless of Platform.

CrunchFire Technologies Co-Founder and CTO, Steve Repetti, told ProgrammableWeb:

“With the Play2Shop APIs, game developers can expand player engagement, increase market opportunity, and enhance revenue .”

Merchant Marketing Concepts created Play2Shop with funding help from CrunchFire Ventures. Since 2012, Play2Shop has built its platform, created an attractive rewards system, and built a retail partner base that includes over 1,000 names. Although Play2Shop created its product on a proprietary platform, its API strategy allows developers from third party platforms to join the Play2Shop ecosystem.

Through the Play2Shop API, developers can integrate games into the Play2Shop Gaming Platform (PGP). The integrated game sends JavaScript calls to the PGP during the course of play. The PGP keeps track of when the game starts and ends, and how many points are scored. For more information, visit the API site.

Play2Shop began a public beta in July 2013, after a successful private release. Now, Play2Shop is ready for a full release that should take it to the next level of customer engagement and platform development. With plenty of opportunities for gamers and shoppers to benefit, Play2Shop has created a rewards system and open mentality that should attract both consumers and developers alike.

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