Playlyfe API Gamifies Apps and Websites

Playlyfe, an online gamification Platform, offers the Playlyfe API to add gamification functionality to any app or website. Playlyfe believes that a gamified system can add value to any experience, whether the user is a business enterprise or a social media platform. From leaderboards and badges to points and levels, gamified systems encourage user engagement and collaboration. The Playlyfe API allows app and website owners to utilize Playlyfe's existing gamification platform as opposed to building a gamification platform from the ground up.

Playlyfe is based out of Bangalore, India, where gamification hasn't progressed as much as in other areas. However, Playlyfe says it has managed to attract significant numbers of users across the globe and hopes that gamification will soon gain traction within India. With a fully functional product, and the goal of a second round of funding, Playlyfe could continue to see partners interested in integrating the Playlyfe API.

The API is RESTful and returns calls in a JSON data format. Playlyfe supports both external and native games. External games utilize Playlyfe features with custom elements, whereas native Playlyfe games allow users to host the application at Playlyfe and utilize the company's prebuilt solutions. Game elements include metrics, processes, teams and rules. Playlyfe has created a getting started manual to assist developers in adding gamification to an app. As an alternative, developers can use one of Playlyfe's SDKs to connect an app to the Playlyfe platform.

Gamification continues to spread as a tool to attract, engage and retain app and website users. However, gamified systems have spread to drive increased business productivity, research and discovery, and educational development. As gamification grows in use, it grows in complexity. Playlyfe's API approach to gamification eases the burden of app owners who desire to add gamification. Check out the Playlyfe API if you're interested in gamifying your app.

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