Plume Labs Opens API for Air Quality Data

Plume Labs, an environmental tech company, has opened up its Plume API to third party businesses via its AI-powered Platform: delivers programmatic access to a global, crowdsourced, hardware-enabled air quality data platform. As air quality continues to grow in importance to people around the world, Plume's API will help businesses and consumers make more informed decisions based on air quality data.

"Atmospheric pollution levels are constantly shifting," Plume Labs co-founder and CTO, David Lissmyr, commented in a blog post announcement. "Over the past two years, we've trained AI models to forecast real-time variations of urban air pollution. Through the Plume API, businesses and governments can now rely on our forecasts to help people stay informed and healthy."

The algorithms driving Plume's AI platform learn from atmospheric data, public input, ground-level air quality monitoring stations, and satellite-based air pollution estimates. The algorithm considers these various data inputs and forecasts real-time pollution levels and variations on a global scale. Additional inputs on the roadmap include sidewalk-level air pollution measurements, pollen levels, city maps, and more.

The Plume API provides data on three major pollutants: particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3). This data is already available for all major cities around the world, and estimates are available for all other locations. The data is pulled from over 12,000 monitoring stations and 80 public agencies around the globe. Fields currently available include latitude, longitude, hourly object arrays, timestamps, list of available pollutants, concentration levels, Plume index value, American Air Quality Index value, and Chinese Air Quality Index value. For specifics, check out the API docs.

Plume Labs expects a wide range of use cases for its API. From smart devices and health care, to smart cities and research institutions, Plume's data is comprehensive and now easily accessible. Tiered pricing is available starting at $499 per month. Email the team for an API token.

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