Pluralsight Technology Index Shows Software Development Technologies In Demand

Pluralsight, an enterprise technology learning Platform, has launched the Pluralsight Technology Index, an index of more than 300 software development technologies ranked by global demand and growth rate. Among the software development technologies listed in the index are languages, frameworks, libraries, data stores, and tools. Five data sources are being used for the Pluralsight Technology Index which includes GitHub, Stack Overflow, Google AdWords, YouTube, and Google Search. The index will be updated monthly, and it draws from 8 billion data points to calculate trending growth rates and popularity worldwide. The company will also provide an analysis of the technology rankings quarterly, and the first analysis is now available.

Among the top 10 in-demand software development technologies at this time are HTML, JavaScript, Blockchain, JQuery, and CSS. The company has published a guide, which includes some statistics and analysis, for JavaScript and blockchain. According to the guide, JavaScript is consistently among the top five technologies. Pluralsight also says that the continuing demand for learning JavaScript is reflected by the content viewed on their own platform which is about 3X more than other content viewed. Blockchain is currently in the number 5 spot on the index, and the company expects the ranking for blockchain to move down eventually. This is because the current blockchain ranking is likely driven by enthusiasm for the technology, not practical applications of the technology.

"Business leaders can only drive innovation in their companies if they have a pulse on the most powerful and upcoming languages, tools and frameworks and if they have the right skills on their teams to use them," said Nate Walkingshaw, chief experience officer at Pluralsight, in a prepared statement. "The Pluralsight Technology Index serves as a comprehensive source for evaluating which technologies and skills CIOs need to invest in."

You can view the Pluralsight Technology Index at

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