Pocket Introduces New API to Encourage Development of Third Party Apps

Pocket (Formerly known as Read It Later), has just announced the introduction of the Pocket API, allowing developers the ability to easily integrate Pocket into web sites and third party applications.


Image Credit: GetPocket.com

Pocket is an application that makes it possible to use your web browser, email, desktop, tablet or mobile device to save articles, videos, web pages and other content so that they can be viewed later. Once an item is saved in Pocket, it can be viewed on a phone, tablet or computer without the need for an internet connection.

According to Pocket, there are currently over 10,000 developers adding Pocket to their websites and applications. In addition, the Pocket service handles more than 1 million saves every day with 45% of those saves coming from third party applications.

In the announcement, Jake Levine, General Manager at Digg is quoted as saying:

"Pocket Integration continues to be one of most asked-for features in the new Digg, and the new SDK made implementation super easy!"

The new Pocket API includes many new features including OAuth 2.0 Authentication, content type filters, favorites and drop-in code for iOS/Mac. There are several Pocket API SDKs to choose from including Web, iOS/Mac, Android and other Mobile devices all of which can be found on the new Pocket API Developer Site.

Developers interested in using the new Pocket API can sign up for the service on the GetPocket.com website.

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