Podio Gets More Enterprise-y With Box Integration

Earlier this month Podio added Google Docs support. Now the collaboration platform has added another line to its file upload dialog. As we pointed out earlier, there's plenty of room for further file integrations. There is also an opportunity for Podio to expand its Podio API to allow developers to do the work for them.

Box.netPodio chose the Box.net API as its first cloud storage partner. The decision is likely not accidental, as Box has become the choice for the enterprise because the company has chosen to focus on the areas that enterprises care about, like security and giving IT some control. This is the same audience Podio would like to find.

The video (embedded above) shows the many areas of Podio where Box files can now be used. And the announcement post has a survey that hints where the company might be headed with its next integration.

DropboxPodio appears aware of the elephant in the room when announcing a cloud storage integration. We'd guess that the Dropbox API may be next on its list.

From a developer standpoint, it might make more sense for Podio to update its Podio API to include methods to get content into Podio, in addition to getting it out. Then any of the 80 storage APIs could integrate with Podio themselves. This would also open up the potential for non-storage companies to integrate. For example, photo storing applications, flow chart software and others that can export files used commonly in everyday work.

Opening up its platform in this new way could crowd that file dialog. But, of course, having too many developers interested in your platform isn't a problem for anyone except perhaps the Pinterest API.

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Comments (2)

(I'm one of the developers at Podio) We are very excited about our new Box integration and I'm happy to see you like it to. I'd like to clarify something that may be a bit unclear from your post: The Podio API does allow you to post content into Podio -- in fact we run the web frontend on the exact same API that we expose to our users. Anything you can do on the web frontend you can do via the API. That includes things like posting content into apps, uploading files, importing vcards into contacts or whatever else your heart desires.

For example you can see here how you could do automatic synching between Box and Podio using our API: http://blog.podio.com/2012/02/16/developer-challenge-to-connect-box-podi...

What we currently don't support is third-party modifications to the Podio user interface (and I believe this is what you're talking about). We're continually looking at the options but for now we feel the UI could quickly become too crowded if third-parties could insert their own content.

If you have any project where you would like to use the Podio API you can head on over to http://developers.podio.com/ where you will find tutorials, reference documentation and client libraries.