POEditor Leverages the Power of Many to Simplify Software Localization

POEditor's goal is simple: "A simple way to translate your software." POEditor accomplishes this task through a global community of translators who can work on needed translations or launch projects of their own. POEditor developed as a browser-based software localization tool. However, developers can now leverage the Platform within existing sites and apps with the POEditor API. The API calls project related data and allows developers to track progress and users to work on projects.

Traditionally, software localization remained a laborious process that required tiresome hours for limited results. However, as software developers aim for a more global audience, localization became a necessary evil. POEditor simplifies this process by distributing the task across a worldwide collaboration of willing participants who together represent a collective group of specialists. Now, developers can achieve maximum results through the power of collaboration.

The POEditor API uses REST protocol and returns in a JSON data format. API methods include project status and change data (i.e. list projects, project details, project languages, view terms, add terms, sync terms, update language, export and upload). Those interested should first register and become part of the POEditor community.

Software localization most often represents a problem in a provider's go to market strategy. Crafting a tool into a target audience's host language (whether lingual or technical) can be challenging; and, unless the translator is native to the language, the results often leave much to be desired. Through global collaboration and access via API, POEditor removes cost and time and should broaden audiences throughout the software world.

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