The Pogoplug API: Your Files, Anywhere.

Moving files around doesn’t seem like it should be as difficult as it sometimes is. I often feel trapped when I realize that the songs I added to my computer didn’t find their way to my phone, or the pictures I took at the beach still have not made it to my computer. For a long time I had accepted that this is how the world works and that I will have to live with it, but no longer must that be the case with all the storage APIs available. The Pogoplug API is the newest entrant to that group.

Pogoplug, a developer of cloud based storage devices, has a couple ways to make file accessibility a little simpler. The company has several devices that when paired with USB external hard drives can create your own cloud and allow you limitless storage for all of your must have files. Once you create an account and add your content you can then access all your files from anywhere that has an internet connection. Also, with the addition of the Pogoplug API, developers can enhance their applications with the addition of increased file accessibility.

The Pogoplug API is not yet finalized. However, you can check out the documentation that they have posted and contribute to its development. The API is designed to support both REST and SOAP styles.

The Pogoplug API is one of 80 Storage APIs in our directory.

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