Poikos Launches FlitFit API to Capture and Integrate Body Measurements with Third Party Apps

Poikos, computer vision system provider, has launched the FlixFit API that allows third party apps and websites to capture high quality human body measurements through imaging. The current goal of Poikos’ measurement technology is to improve online retail experiences by understanding EXACTLY what size to order without leaving home.

Poikos founder and CEO, Nell Watson, explained:

“FlixFit is a solution to a common problem that affects anyone who shops for clothes online, page through a fashion catalogue, find something you really like, go through the checkout….You come home from work, open the box, try it on…and it doesn’t fit….It’s an open secret that between 30 to 40% of clothes ordered on line are then returned. To me, that is a staggeringly high figure. And the number one reason given by customers is that it doesn’t fit!”

Watson founded Poikos in 2010 with a few guiding principles: change the world through technology, lower medical costs, and create scalable infrastructure. Since its founding, Poikos has built its first product from scratch (FlixFit). Although it’s currently aimed at online shopping, the company foresees medical uses in its future.

The FlixFit API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. FlixFit uses images taken with various devices and uses algorithms to calculate corresponding body measurements. The API enables third party apps (e.g. retailers, merchants, etc.) to incorporate the body measurements in apps. For a list of current measurements, visit the Measurement Guide.

One of Poikos’ mantras is to lower costs. FlixFit stands to significantly lower costs in two massive industries that are in ways tied to legacy processes and technologies (i.e. clothing retail and medicine). Check out the FlixFit API and see where you can participate in the disruption.

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