Point.io Brings Mobile Access to Secure Enterprise Documents

Point.io thinks employees should have access to documents, not only from any device but also from any storage system, whether that system exists in a public cloud or the backend of an enterprise. To that end, the company launched its Point.io API earlier this week.

The Point.io API aggregates multiple cloud storage system APIs. It is a Restful API that functions as a one-stop-shop for developers who want to create mobile apps that give users the flexibility to choose what cloud storage system (Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive or other) they want to store and retrieve documents from.

Cloud storage providers update their services and Authentication systems frequently, according to Ron Rock, CEO of Point.io. Developers using those APIs in their apps could put in extra hours to maintain them — or they could simply use the Point.io API and focus their energies into developing better end-user features instead.

When combined with Point.io's Enterprise Gateway product, the Point.io API gives mobile apps access to documents behind the firewall as well. Enterprise Gateway is an onsite appliance that unlocks access to content management systems such as SharePoint, FileNet, and Documentum.

In addition to check-in/check-out and other workflow features, Point.io's backend as a system (BaaS) Platform uses links rather than attachments to allow secure access to unstructured data (documents, contracts, emails, and other human communication) stored in enterprise systems. In other words, documents never leave the network. A separate app maintains control over exactly what users can do (print, save, copy, forward) with those documents.

“Now enterprises can mobile-enable things like a SharePoint site so you can see documents on your iOS device in a way you could not have before. Not only can application developers address the needs of companies and workers, but they can also eliminate the traditional security problems companies are addressing,” said Rock.

Stratospherix is one of the first to put the Point.io API to use. The company's FileBrowser app brings Point.io features to its more than 600,000 users.

Point.io is a startup in Wayne, Pa. It's BaaS platform is a first product launch for the 17-person team, which also announced a $1.5 million round of seed funding from unnamed investors.

Developers can access the Point.io API free of charge. The company's Point.io behind-the-firewall appliance and software are available via subscription.

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