Point.io Launches APIdoc

ProgrammableWeb first covered Point.io last year when the Point.io API was released. The original API gave mobile apps access to data from multiple cloud storage providers. Point.io has expanded its single point of access approach with the release of APIdoc. APIdoc provides a single API that grants any application access to data that resides in a public cloud, private cloud, behind a firewall, or elsewhere. While providing seamless access to multiple data repositories, APIdoc ensures security for compliance and auditing purposes.

Tim Panagos, Point.io CTO, commented:

"APIdoc is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use utility to connect a company's data sources in the market today....The complexities of integrating structured data from databases or production systems and unstructured data like documents and spreadsheets can be overwhelming and expensive. APIdoc isolates all of that complexity from user applications and lets developers focus on true value-add rather than tedious internal plumbing."

Traditionally, enterprises required separate access points to disparate storage locations. Such requirements demanded significant development and maintenance. With APIdoc, development and software Integration is greatly simplified. Currently, APIdoc supports 12 of the most popular storage connectors (both on premise and cloud-based): Box, Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Filenet Content Manager, EMC Documentum, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon S3, HP Worksite, docSTAR, SunGard and Salesforce.com.

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APIdoc is built on top of Point.io's modern middleware Platform. Although APIdoc supports the 12 mentioned storage providers out of the box, more providers are being added each month. Additionally, for those that desire a specific connector not currently supported, the APIdoc SDK allows the development of connectors. For more information, visit the APIdoc site.

Whether IT departments like it or not, many employees are bent on choosing a cloud storage provider of their choice. The BYOD phenomenon that continues to stress out CIOs continues to spread a company's data among many providers. APIdoc should assist IT departments as they try to keep data sprawl under control and secure.

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