PointCare's Qualify API Adds Agility to Healthcare Coverage Recommendation

PointCare, an insurance coverage management Platform that assists enrollment teams with qualifying patients, has launched a new API that provides healthcare organizations with access to patient healthcare insurance and benefit options. PointCare’s Qualify API highlights the power of APIs to enable agility in industries like healthcare that are traditionally slow to React.

The new Qualify API is designed to assist with processing patients that do not already have health insurance coverage. PointCare claims that the API is able to make insurance recommendations based on patient data in under 60 seconds. Once the API completes its analysis of the patient’s options, the results can be transmitted via email, text, or print, and are available in the patient’s preferred language. The company hopes that ease of transfer and broad language capabilities will lead to improved patient engagement and satisfaction. 

Anyone who has been to an emergency department at a hospital without coverage, or even with coverage but without Documentation of coverage, knows that getting a straightforward answer regarding cost and payment options can be extremely difficult. Manual screening, especially during the turbulent times of COVID-19, can be difficult for hospital employees that are dealing with a coverage and benefits landscape that is shifting constantly. Resources like PointCare’s Qualify API demonstrate that technology can provide businesses with solutions that are mutually beneficial. PointCare CEO Everett Lebherz highlighted the benefits of the API for healthcare providers:

“Instead of writing off costs associated with self-pay patients, our software lets healthcare organizations identify all possible insurance options and provides the information needed to apply. More covered visits results in more revenue at a lower cost than manual screening methods.” 

The PointCare API is HIPAA compliant and interested developers can request access to the documentation. 

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