Polar Announces Heart Rate Monitor API and SDKs

Polar, an industry leader in heart rate sensors and activity trackers, has announced the Polar SDK and Team Pro APITrack this API. These services allow third party apps to receive and interpret live data from the Polar H10 and Polar OH1 heart rate sensors.

API access allows developers to gain access to individual product data and the Polar Team Pro system. Polar Team Pro API data includes a list of all teams within an organization, team details, training session details, and player performance data. To learn more, visit the API site.

The Polar SDK offers access to live data from various Polar sensors. Such data includes heart rate, ECG data, acceleration data, and heart rate broadcast. To learn more visit the Polar SDK site.

For all developer tools and options, visit the Polar Developer Site. The Polar SDK is freely available on GitHub. There you will find code examples, a sample application, and more.

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