Pollstar API: Keeping Music Fans In The Know

For staying up to date with band tour dates, live venue information and more, Pollstar has it covered. It's a trade publication that covers music industry information on a worldwide scale. What's pretty cool is that Pollstar provides an API that allows third party developers access to the full event database, enabling them to include Pollstar data on other websites and applications.


The service provides detailed information to professional concert promoters, booking agents, artist managers, venue owners and anyone actively involved in the industry.

Pollstar produces a weekly print magazine aimed at professionals as well as a paid subscription website where the same information can be found. In addition, there is a website aimed specifically at music fans, providing them with reliable, relevant information regarding tours and shows, tracking major touring acts around the world. Because information is gathered directly from the agents, managers and promoters who are producing the concerts, Pollstar prides itself on presenting quality information about shows that may not have even been officially announced.

The Pollstar API supports both SOAP and HTTP calls, and all methods return data in XML format. Those making use of the API must display a link to the Pollstar website on their web pages. Developers can request an API Key via a sign-up form on the website.

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