Popular Video Search Added to the Tweet Index

Topsy, the Twitter search indexer that recently raised another $15 million, now lets users zero in on tweets mentioning videos. According to Topsy, the trending videos are the "most popular videos shared by influential users within the first 24 hours of their release." The feature is also available in its Topsy API, though currently undocumented.

The announcement post describes the feature:

Topsy Video search extends topsy’s socially ranked search technology to videos. The new video search works similarly to other Topsy’s search tools, where the search results will appear ranked based on several factors, including Topsy Influence, showing you the most popular and influential videos first.

To access video trends via the Topsy API, simply add type=video to your request, such as this search for API videos. Since Topsy previously showed all types of tweets, this is a new parameter, currently undocumented.

Topsy continues to be an impressive service. In September we called it Twitter search without an expiration.

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