Portshift Launches Extended Kubernetes Cluster Protection Tool

Portshift, a provider of Kubernetes runtime security solutions, has announced that they will release an Extended Kubernetes Cluster Protection tool. The company designed the new service to provide Kubernetes API protection by monitoring activity to help preemptively detect runtime risks.

The process operates by overseeing all role-based access control (RBAC) activity and categorizing permissions based on risk. In part, the company hopes to bolster security by improving the visibility of risky behavior. The company provided announcement outlines the functionality of the tool:

“In order to make changes to a Kubernetes cluster, an API call is made to the API server so that by protecting it, the clusters are defended against unauthorized changes. In addition to the protection of clusters, the administrator creates policy rules either by using the intelligent policy advisor or instituting policies manually to prevent unwanted API actions and high-risk configurations.”

Portshift is offering a 30-day free trial and developers can check out the product page for more information. 

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