PostageApp Delivers New Engine, Analytics and Subscriber Plans

Email continues to be a critical part of most web applications today. Despite the rise of various methods of reaching out to users, transactional email continues to grow. Many developers prefer to offload the email functionality of their application to a service which does the heavy lifting of not just delivering your email but also provides tracking and other various other services. PostageApp, a provider of Email Management Services, has just announced a new version of its product that includes a new delivery engine, analytics and new plans.

The new version has a new email delivery engine that has been written from the ground up. The focus of the new engine is to ensure that developers work on their feature and offload the email management as much as possible to PostageApp.

Also included is the first iteration of the company's Mail Analytics Engine. This is an important feature since competing mail services do provide similar data like number of emails delivered, opened, etc.

To celebrate the new release, existing subscribers will get higher email sending volumes in their existing plans. The most basic of plans, the Carrier Pigeon, now allows you to send 25,000 emails per month from the earlier 9,000. For heavy users, there is now a “Pterodactyl plan” that allows you to send upto 1,000,000 emails per month.

The PostageApp API is REST based and supports the JSON data format. There are client libraries available for Ruby, PHP, Python and Perl.

Transactional email APIs have become more popular this year. In January Amazon validated the market with its Amazon SES API.

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