Postman 5.0 Includes Pro Features for Free

Postman, an API development environment provider, has announced the release of Postman 5.0 which includes Pro features for free. Postman users with free accounts now have access, with usage limits, to Pro features such as mock servers, API monitoring, Documentation generation, and the Postman Pro API. Postman Pro and Postman Enterprise plans include the same capabilities as the free plan but offer significantly higher Resource usage. It should be noted that Postman Enterprise is the only plan that includes single sign-on (SSO) services.

Postman started out as a basic REST client for testing APIs, but today Postman is an API development environment for individual developers and teams. The company has been working hard on adding new capabilities to Postman to help developers handle complex integrations and applications. This past April, the company added a new Mock Server feature that developers can use to simulate API endpoints in a Postman collection without having to spin up a backend server or rely on a response from an API Endpoint. This past December, new features were added to Postman Pro including API monitoring, documentation generation, and collaboration tools.

Postman tools are built on collections so that they work seamlessly and any changes made by signed-in users are automatically updated via the Postman syncing service. This ensures that Postman data is synced across devices.

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