Postman 7.1 Allows Devs to Create APIs Directly in the App

Postman, API lifecycle and development app, now includes the ability to create APIs from within the Postman app. The latest version, 7.1, focuses on the API as the centerpiece of the developer experience:

"This addition places the API itself at the center of the Postman User Experience as a first-class element in the development workflow," the Postman marketing team commented in a blog post announcement.

Additional features included in 7.1 include schema support, editing, API Versioning, and version tagging. The goal is to manage every aspect of the API lifecycle, from design to production, without exiting the Postman app. To help developers manage this entire lifecycle, Postman built the API tab. The API tab allows developers to manage all aspects of an API in a single place.

Not only can developers create, edit, and design APIs directly within Postman, developers can import commonly used formats into Postman. To help developers stay organized through various stages of development, Postman has included predefined tabs such as Define, Develop, Test, and Observe.

The Postman team goes into greater detail about 7.1 features in its blog post announcement.

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