Postman Adds API Builder and Reporting Features to Enterprise Platform

Postman, an API development Platform provider, has bolstered its enterprise platform with two new features. First, API Builder, a feature that allows developers to build APIs directly within Postman, is now generally available. Second, a new reporting feature, currently in beta, provides insight regarding how APIs are used throughout a particular development environment.

"Postman was originally created to help API developers,” Abhinav Asthana, Postman's co-founder, and CEO commented in a press release. "But as we grew, more and more of those developers were working within large organizations, and they had different needs. So we’ve continued to add capabilities to match those needs, and today is further proof of our commitment to our customers in the enterprise.”

As Asthana mentioned, Postman continues to grow its feature base as its user base expands. API Builder is a good example of meeting the customer base's needs. Postman hasn't always provided a tool to build APIs directly within the platform. Now, developers can build APIs as well as test and validate them directly within Postman. The governance features available help administrators leverage the platform across teams of all sizes.

The reports feature gives visibility to developers at both the API level and the team level. Team level overview shows metrics such as new APIs, active APIs, number of team members, and empty spaces. API level reporting shows metrics such as API response times, API requests over time, and failed test runs overtime. To learn more, check out the reports site.

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