Postman Adds API Visualizer to Help Contextualize Data

With API design often dictating the provision of machine-readable data, Postman notes the difficulty with visualization of this data in a manner that is easily digestible by humans. With the announcement of Postman Visualizer, a new tool that aims to simplify the process of contextualizing API return data, the company hopes to solve this.

This new tool can be found in the response body of the Postman interface under a new Visualize tab. Developers can use the new pm.visualizer.set() method to build out these visualizations. Once the necessary script is included in a response, the visualizations will automatically be built. In the product announcement the company states that this tool provides “...your canvas to paint an Endpoint’s response the way you want; beyond the confines of Pretty, Raw, and Preview response views.”

This new functionality also plays nice in collaborative settings, with Postman noting that “Once you share or publish a collection, those who import it will see the same visualization rendered under the Visualize tab for the response.” This sort of collaboration will also work both ways, allowing the recipient to easily build upon the visualizations already built. 

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