Postman Adds Multi-Region Support to Monitoring Feature

Postman, an API development environment provider, has announced that the Postman monitoring feature now includes multi-region support allowing developers to run API tests from selected geographical locations. The company has implemented regional monitoring so that it mirrors the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Stack. This implementation makes it possible for Postman to not only support the regions Amazon supports, but also add new regions when AWS adds new data centers. There are currently six regions developers can choose from to test APIs. The regions include US East, US West, Canada, EU, Asia Pacific, and South America.

"It's important to test the behavior of APIs in multiple locations," said Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman, in a prepared statement. "For example, you could test the latency behavior of API calls from San Francisco to Bangalore, and compare it to the latency behavior from San Francisco and New York. With Postman, you can select the appropriate geographical regions for both locations and check the API response times. If it takes a significantly longer time for your API to load in Bangalore than it does in New York, then Bangalore users might not get the maximum performance of the application. With this information, developers can refactor the code to increase latency for Bangalore users."

This is the latest update to the Postman API development environment for individual developers and teams. This past April, the company added a new Mock Server feature to the product. Last month, the company released Postman 5.0 which includes Pro features for free.

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