Postman Annual API Report Highlights Continued Concern for API Security

Postman, an API development collaboration Platform provider, just released its 2019 State of the API Report. Postman surveys its community each year to better understand who is working with APIs, how they are using them, and where the industry is headed. Key findings from the latest report find that the type of person interacting with APIs is shifting, security continues to be a hot topic, and Documentation still needs to improve.

APIs are no longer limited to conversations between developers. More and more, non-developers work with APIs in the ordinary scope of their job. Less than half of those surveyed about their use of APIs identified their role as Front-end or Back-end developer. Last year, almost 60% of those surveyed identified as one of these two roles.

No one in the API world is surprised to see that API security is a serious concern. API breaches and vulnerabilities continue to make headlines. However, almost 75% of survey respondents suggested their APIs are "very secure" or have "above-average security."

Despite good marks on the security front, API users continue to want better documentation. According to those surveyed, better documentation includes more and better examples, standardization, and Sample Code. For an overview of the report, check out the press release.

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