Postman API Development Platform Eases API Construction

ProgrammableWeb first covered Postman in a product review a mere quarter after the company's launch. Since the review, 15 months have passed, and Postman has made some major strides toward its goals of customer attainment and innovation within the API economy. Co-founder and CEO Abhinav Asthana started Postman's flagship product offering as a side open source project to mitigate the pains associated with poor API Documentation and maintenance.

Once Asthana realized the potential around his side project, he launched Postman with co-founder Ankit Sobti. TechCrunch describes Postman as "Google Docs for APIs." Teams can track changes to an API and work collaboratively, which helps move an API forward in its life cycle without causing miscommunication and breakage. The entire API workflow is housed in a single cloud-based location. The need to review multiple sites and documents vanishes when building an API with Postman, Asthana says.

"We're looking to change the way people work with APIs," Asthana explained in an interview with TechCrunch. "The biggest problem with APIs is that things are changed and undocumented, then are pushed out and break. We want to end that."

Since its launch, Postman has bagged a seed round of funding and some significant customers (e.g., Box, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft). APIs are essential to each of these customers, and to more and more companies each day. However, few of Postman's customers offer APIs as products themselves. Accordingly, product delays based on API problems are unacceptable. Postman allows API owners to focus on their core business, not API documentation control.

With its customer base and feature set growing, Postman anticipates expansion in the coming year. However, Asthana desires a small group built around teamwork and problem solving. Expect to hear more from Postman as it continues to ease API construction through cloud-based syncing and collaboration.

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