Postman Launches Postman Public Workspaces to Enable Collaborative API Design

Postman, an API design Platform provider, has announced the launch of Postman Public Workspaces in an effort to accelerate API development practices through collaboration at a massive scale. This new initiative takes inspiration from the world of massively multiplayer gaming and leverages the platform’s userbase of more than 13 million developers.

Workspaces have been a part of Postman for some time now and have allowed developers to share Postman components with collaborators and organize their API work via these spaces. This functionality was previously limited to team access, but with the addition of Public Workspaces developers will now be able to gain benefit from Postman’s entire userbase. The company believes that this level of collaboration will fundamentally shift the way that APIs are designed. The product announcement noted that:

“Postman’s public workspaces will let a massive community of users engage with APIs or collections organized by API producers, with the ultimate quest of improving every API and the experience of that API’s consumers.”

Additionally, the announcement noted that Public Workspaces are not limited in scope to only APIs or companies. In fact, to kick off the product launch Postman has launched a series of workspaces that include likely offerings such as the Postman public workspace, in addition to less obvious options like the US 2020 Election public workspace.

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