Postman Now Supports GraphQL

With the most recent release of Postman (v7.2), GraphQL is now supported. Postman reports that GraphQL has been its second most requested feature for quite some time. Postman has responded and GraphQL is now supported in multiple capacities.

First, Postman now supports sending GraphQL queries in the request body. Second, Postman supports GraphQL variables. Next, it supports the GraphQL query autocompletion Function. Finally, users can store GraphQL schemas directly in Postman when paired with Postman's schema support and API building features.

To illustrate GraphQL within Postman, Postman published an example using the Spotify GraphQL API in a blog post announcement. Additionally, Postman has published instructions for each GraphQL supported feature (e.g. queries in the request body, variables, autocompletion, and schemas).

Postman is eager to see what developers come up with this newly supported feature. Postman encourages feedback and collaboration at its forum. This release is part of the early access Postman Canary channel.

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