Postman Teams Now Available to Users of the Free Postman App

Postman, an API development environment provider, has announced that users of the free Postman app can now create Postman teams, join and manage team workspaces, and use all of Postman's collaboration features. The availability of Postman teams to users of the free Postman app is part of the Postman 6.2 release. Prior to this release, the teams feature was not available to free users and was only available via Postman paid plans. Postman introduced the Workspaces feature in the 6.0 release. Workspaces lets developers gather API resources and relevant team members within a targeted workspace.

This latest Postman 6.2 release also includes Sessions, a new feature that allows teams to set variables that are session-specific. Developers can change variable values without those values being synced to the cloud. This ensures that information remains local and part of a specific Postman instance which helps improve security. Postman Sessions also allows developers to change the values of variables in a team Postman collection without impacting other team members.

"Teams are the foundation of API development," said Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman, in a prepared statement. "Now, every developer can invite their entire team to Postman, improving collaboration and making their API workflow more effective."

Postman teams and collaboration features are available to free users in quantities that are appropriate for individuals and small projects.

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