PotCoin Payment API Offers Access to Cannabis-Targeted Cryptocurrency

PotCoin, cryptocurrency provider specifically designed for the cannabis industry, has announced that the PotCoin Payment APITrack this API is now fully accessible to developers. When states began legalizing marijuana, federally regulated banks were hesitant to open accounts for cannabis industry players for fear of the unknown legal consequences. PotCoin looked to solve this problem by designing a digital currency specifically targeting the industry. The PotCoin Payment API was originally limited in scope, but as the company has matured, PotCoin now offers full access to the API and is anxious to see what developers will build to support access to this upcoming cryptocurrency.

Those interested can find more at the PotCoin GitHub page. As with most cryptocurrencies, PotCoin is based on Blockchain technology, and the details of accessing the various PotCoin features can be found within the API docs. API properties include balance, total received, total sent, and unconfirmed balance. Developers can pull transaction data from address, multiple addresses, block, and more.

In addition to opening up the API, PotCoin also announced expanded exchange support. PotCoin is already available on Poloniex, Bittrex, Changelly, and hinted that more exchanges are on the roadmap. Its own peer-to-peer exchange, PotWallet, is also growing in use by both distilleries and other industry players. Keep up to date at PotCoin's news site.

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