Power Your Data Synchronization Apps via Simplenote API

Are you someone who is on the lookout for a note taking application and want all of your notes to automatically sync with your desktop, mobile phone and other applications? While you might have tried out several,
Simplenote wants to make it simple, effective and is also giving you the Simplenote API to streamline your note taking, just the way you want.

Simplenote's goal is simple: allow application data to be synchronized between people and devices, all powered by their synchronization platform. The product is available both as a web-based application and iPhone/iPad clients that allow you to share notes seamlessly.

What is particularly interesting is the API, which is currently in private testing. Several developers have been utilizing the API in some innovative ways. The applications range from Simplenote clones on various mobile OSes to desktop applications and various applications listed at their download page that enables data synchronization via other applications. It would not be a surprise if the killer application for Simplenote in the future turns out to use the API and the synchronization platform.

Simplenote was gracious to allow us access to their API version 2.0 Beta. The API is REST-like and the documentation is good for anyone to get started with writing a basic note taking application. Before you get access to your account notes, you need to authenticate using your email and password. Once the authentication is done, you can then invoke other methods like /index to get a list of all your notes. There are methods to create, update, delete and retrieve each of your notes. The API fully supports versioning to help you manage your notes across different versions and also to sync across various clients.

If you love taking notes and are looking for simplicity, Simplenote could be your answer. With the API, developers can bring a completely new dimension to note taking. If you are interested in using the Simplenote API, sign up at the Simplenote API Google group.


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